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About us

Founded as a family owned company in 1989 by Gustav Werthwein, AVANTEC has become recognized as a pioneer of high metal removal rates among cutting tool manufacturers.

Many years of experience in the design and manufacture of milling tools have made the young company AVANTEC to a primary address for cutting solutions in a global market.

An uncompromising focus on the primary tasks of machining technology has distinguished our company as a quality minded cutting tool specialist.

AVANTEC can ensure tomorrow’s success today through an innovative mind set and an efficient customer service network capable of answering questions and offering the right solutions.

Thus fast response, quick development and excellent service will continue to be top priority at AVANTEC for the future.

Products and services

  • Shell end mill EM90/FM90

  • Face milling cutter Avantop KC1.1

  • Face milling cutter Finavant EK90

  • Face milling cutter SN87

  • Side milling cutter EN18

  • Side milling cutter TB18

  • Shoulder milling cutter EV90

  • Copy milling cutter Primavant UP90

  • Avant-Easy-Change Shank end mill TS90

  • Avant-Easy-Change Turbavant SP18

    AVANTEC tool Technology:

  • positive cutting tools

  • soft cutting geometries

  • best performance

  • less vibration

  • high volume cutting

  • less wear and tear for machines and guides

  • higher chip volume

  • less driving power required

  • optimum machining of instable workpieces

  • improved chip flow

    AVANTEC indexable inserts:

  • focus on quality in grade selection

  • consistent development of substrates

  • high precision ground indexable inserts

  • new high performance coatings

  • increased axial and radial run out precision

  • improved machining dimensional accuracy

  • consistent surface quality

  • longer tool life

  • reduced noise level

  • less machining noise and improved chip flow
Multiring EM90

Multiring EM90

The modular disc design of the Multiring EM90/FM90/CM90/MM90 enables the adjustment of projection and cut lengths according to the desired process.The special combination of the cutting rings guarantees great machining precision and highest run out accuracy.The soft and free cut is made possible by the use of Enduro inserts with high positive rake angle.

Side milling cutter EN18

Side milling cutter EN18

AVANTEC’s side milling cutters EN18/EB18 are capable of processing diameters from 125 mm – 250 mm at a width of 14 mm – 24 mm (Enduro insert series).
These side milling cutters, designed to work with both left and right inserts at the same time, guarantee remarkably smooth operations and reduce machine stress.
Like all other AVANTEC tools the cut smoothness can be attributed to the positive design and the extremely soft running geometry of the indexable inserts.

Avant-Easy-Change SP18

Avant-Easy-Change SP18

This tool system is AVANTEC’s versatile alternative to solid carbide milling cutters. The easy change of the inserts, short set-up times and low logistical requirements allow a significant time and money saving and a reduction of maintenance and operation costs.
The Avant-Easy-Change is an extremely customizable tool series. The system contributes to a productivity and process safety increasement, which makes the Avant-Easy-Change to the ideal solution for cost-effective processes.

News & Innovations

Shoulder milling cutter LN90 

extremely high depth of cut depending on insert size in 90 degree machining enormous stability due to robust inserts excellent roughing and finishing surface quality | » Further reading 

Face milling cutter Finavant SK90 

best surface Quality and flatness extremely high tooth feed rate and 4-cutting edge SN indexable insert exact fit of cartridge in the cutter Body easy set-up | » Further reading 


AVANTEC Zerspantechnik GmbH
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Mathias Schneider
Head of Sales
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Phone: +62 817 0913180

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